About Colonel Ralph "C" (Rocky) Rosacke

The Colonel, a short film by director/screenwriter Tim Williams, is based on the life of the late US Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel Ralph "C" (Rocky) Rosacker. In the late 1960s, Col. Rosacker taught and coached football at Fort Worth Country Day School where Williams was his student. He hopes to leverage interest from the short into a feature film. Kevin Durand (Vikings, The Strain, Fruitvale Station) is portraying Rosacker.

Williams has been toying with the idea of telling Rosacker’s life story since giving the eulogy at the coach’s funeral in 2001. But it wasn’t until 2009, when he was working on a project in Iraq as a civilian and found himself in an area that was being shelled, that he decided to make it a priority. He thought, ‘Holy cow, I may not be around, I’d better get on it. I’ve got to tell this story’. He completed the first draft in two months.

Rosacker was born in Stafford, Kansas. He won a football scholarship to the University of Kansas but enlisted in the Marines at the age of 20 prior to WWII. He was awarded four bronze stars and two Purple Hearts for his role in both WWII and the Korean conflict. He then became an educator at the U.S. Naval War College in Newport, R.I. He also earned a master’s degree in political science from Boston University.

After retiring, he moved to Oklahoma City, where he became an educator at the Casady School in Oklahoma City. From there, he came to Fort Worth Country Day. The athletic field at the school is named after him.

Williams says Rosacker, whose nickname was The Colonel, made a huge impact on him. Rosacker’s rigorous, no-nonsense approach to coaching and teaching made him a “very foreign taste to acquire”. “It was one of those trials by fire for middle-school boys. He demanded excellence when we were just goofballs. This guy came into my life like a meteor landing in your living room,” said Williams. He adds, “He was extremely tough but after he would tell you he loved you. He became very much like a second father.”

Williams says the full-length script, which was noticed at the 2013 Final Draft/Big Break screenwriting competition and at last year’s Austin Film Festival, is finished.

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