Meet The Colonel

“The Colonel” begins in 1969 when a heralded Marine, Hap Tasker, on the brink of promotion to Brigadier, is told he has a deficient heart that prevents him from future military service.

Crestfallen, he turns his disappointment into determination to continue serving his country through instructing his nation’s youth in his “time honored values.” Meanwhile, Glen Meadows, a freshly started prep school in Fort Worth is battling rebellion, entitlement and bankruptcy.

In addition, many of the students and the widowed Colonel deal with difficult family issues. Desperate, Chuck Holtz, the school’s headmaster hires the Colonel as athletic director and middle school football coach to unify the school by whipping the kids into shape.

Many are skeptical, but Colonel knows if he can get the kids to participate on his team, he can show them how to confront and overcome their personal demons. Read more

The Colonel TRAILER starring Kevin Durand

Directed by Tim Williams

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gi film fest winner

'The Colonel' takes first-ever GI Film Festival Trailer Wars title

By: Kevin Lilley, May 18, 2017
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Best Narrative Short Film


Best Film Trailer

Hollyshorts Official Selection

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